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The process


Take a tour

Take a tour of Siddharth Public School to experience our state-of-the-art facilities, meet our dedicated staff, and witness the positive and nurturing environment that sets us apart. Contact our admissions office to schedule a visit.


Submit application

To apply to Siddharth Public School, simply complete our online application form or obtain a physical copy from our admissions office. Submit all required documents by the specified deadline. We are excited to review your application and welcome you to our school community.


Meet and greet

Join us for a meet and greet session at Siddharth Public School to meet our faculty, learn about our curriculum, and gain insights into our vibrant school community. Contact our admissions office to schedule your visit.


Secure a spot

Secure your child's spot at Siddharth Public School by completing the enrollment forms, submitting necessary documents, and paying the required fees. Contact our admissions office for further guidance on securing admission.

Required enrollment documents

To complete the enrollment process at Siddharth Public School, please ensure you have the following documents ready:

Please note that additional documents or specific requirements may vary depending on local regulations and school policies. Contact our admissions office for a comprehensive list of required enrollment documents.